Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

Qualified Partners

De methode 'Strategie met ballen' heeft zich inmiddels ruim bewezen in de meest uiteenlopende toepassingsgebieden. De onderstaande professionals zijn opgeleid, getraind en gekwalificeerd in het toepassen van de methode in hun vakgebied. Samen gaan we de groep professionals en daarmee de verschillende vakgebieden uitbreiden. Omdat de vraag naar 'Strategie met ballen' groeit en we iedereen willen helpen. Met kwaliteit en aandacht.

Suzan is an entrepreneur in heart and soul and for years she guides SME entrepreneurs and independent Professionals to effective and goal-oriented work. She is always inquisitive and solution-oriented. She likes to be a mirror for other entrepreneurs. Because of her 'distance' to the situation, she has a clear look on... read more >>

Suzan Wijnbergen

Kleis is an entrepreneur in heart and soul from Limburg. For 20 years, it has been his passion to help entrepreneurs get the best out of themselves and their business. The unusual combination of his studies in theology and business administration also characterizes him as a person: he travelled a long and bumpy road more >>

Kleis Adema
Kijk op Strategie

... read more >>>

Lauren Vlijter
Tijd voor Passie Coaching

Peter is a personal coach and business consultant. He works on the edge of coaching the entrepreneur and advising the company. Firstly I get aboard on your boat to get to know you much better. As a captain of your ship you will be able to stand strong and with selfconfidence when you are holding the steering wheel.... read more >>

Peter Nouwen
VOC Vertrouw Op Compas

Herman is a debt coach, who offers support to companies and organizations which are confronted with their employees having (serious) financial problems, resulting in their wages being garnished increasingly. Herman employs a personal... read more >>

Herman Derks
Herder Helpt

Simone is there for corporate businesses who have such a story. For companies who share the value of presenting themselves in a good way. Who are proud of what they do for their customers. For companies who care for good stories. Such a company always looks good on a photo. Stories are being told in our… read more >>

Simone van Hagen

Margo loves to work with the traveling entrepreneur. She will work with whatever the entrepreneur is thinking and use it. She sets priorities and takes on any task that can be done by her so as to give a much smaller to-do list back to her client. She likes to make sure that everyone has the energy… read more >>

Margo van Dun


Dick Nijman
Werkplaats voor organisatiecultuur

Dominique lets people see that they can take steps themselves to achieve their goals. A good strategy is step # 1. Her experience lies in the banking world and has made the switch from focus on the financial side of a company to the strategy within the company and the strategy of the entrepreneur as a person… read more >>

Dominique Bellens


Erik van Dongen


Christel Heyns


Koen Seymus


Maarten de Bruin

...

Paul van Teeffelen

...

Walter Franssen
MatriXmethode Instituut more >>

Ronald van IJsselmuide
OAMKB Roosendaal

Coba helps not only you but also your enterprise back on the road to your destination. Insight in yourself, oversight on your enterprise, set course to your destination. In nature, on yet undiscovered roads, the answers lie frequently in front of you. Experience your insights efficiently, effectively and before all in a sustainable way… read more >>

Coba de Wit
Gå |

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Peter de Vester

Beatrijs is a trusted counsellor and coach of many, which she guides through the difficulties of their personal and spiritual development. Authenticity, intuition and living from the heart are her core values, but they are also her way to live a happy and rewarding life. From her extensive experience as a manager, and her desire to stimulate people… read more >>

Beatrijs Verheijen
The Serendipity College

Anita helps companies with inbound marketing, social selling and personal branding, that want to be found by their customers, so that they get the hang of it. The field of marketing and sales in which I have been active as an entrepreneur since 2003 has changed. The internet with its unprecedented possibilities plays an… read more >>

Anita Stegewee
Leads & Meets


Maike van Meulen
Creatie Academy


Robert Witvliet
Wiar workplace performance


Jacob van Hoek


Aadje Mein


Angelique Snijders

Gekwalificeerde Partners zijn professionals die getraind zijn om 'Strategie met ballen' toe te passen en volgen -verplicht- 2x per jaar een intensieve trainingsdag. Ze hebben de beschikking over de juiste middelen en kunnen altijd beroep doen op ondersteuning. 'Strategie met ballen' is fantastisch gereedschap voor coaches die bv. studenten, werkzoekenden, starters, zzp-ers en ondernemers helpen van A naar B te komen. Heb jij interesse om Gekwalificeerd Partner te worden, neem dan contact op!

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