Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

Ambassadors of 'Strategy with Balls'

After attending a workshop and the info-session, I was totally inspired to apply 'Strategy with balls' in my own life. The beauty of this method is that it is very easy to apply to all the things that I do. From my job as Information Broker at the Cultuurpunt Altena Library to my own company and from my board position at the GSW Altena Foundation to my private life. The strategy-method excels in its simplicity and clarity and can be used by everyone!

Anita Koekkoek - van Bommel

The making of a strategy is the first step of the visualization of the invisible. "Strategy with balls' gives you the tools to live your dream for real. It's a great strategy applicable method, that you are going to help you achieve your goals. It is a huge source of strength and insight for me. Both personally and as a business.

Marjolein Brocatus
Zakelijk Verleiden

Theo has given me insight, overview, conviction and tranquility. His strategy helps not only with the present day, but also to know what the future can bring and what you can do now. We are daily with What, Who and Why pending and the people around me pick it up and begin to think in those terms and act. We are at the beginning of the introduction of a new product and "Strategy balls' helps us to get clear to whom our product is suitable and why the audience should choose this product. Fantastic to implement this in practice, and experience. It really works!

Eric Segeren

I liked 'Strategy with balls " very much! At the first ball I thought "Another workshop that does not make sense to me." With the second ball "the penny dropped" thanks to "George Clooney". The third revealed my true passion and that of my client. The rest of the balls only reinforced what purpose became clear. Particularly to see that all tools before the start already were present just not in the correct order. There, "Strategy with balls' change that. I finally know what I'm really doing. Thanks for that!

Mieke van den Hende

Strategy with Balls from Theo has helped me to get a better understanding of the strategy of my business. Theo gives structure to the things that I already knew, but could not put it in a logical and correct order. It provides a quick view of what works and what does not and why or not. The balls are not only a guide, but you also have your balls on the block (sometimes) to make difficult choices. That also means you have to have balls to choose. Choosing a little losses. You choose also to do something NOT. But choosing is especially winning because it gives focus and clarity. For yourself but also for your audience. Let success come!

Peter Nouwen
V.O.C. Vertrouw op Compas

Theo is very inspiring in his thinking, also with regard to "strategy with balls. "Strategy with balls' focuses you on what you can do for others. And offers you a way to achieve that. I'm trying to focus myself more of what I really have to offer to others where they have something and what makes me happy. The workshop 'Strategy with balls' gives me ideas every day. Hereafter the selection phase and focus!

Tabita van de Kerkhof
Sentri Training & Coaching

The advantage of a creative scatterbrain (that is me!) Is that it knows how to stand over the matter. are therefore, communication concepts and advertising campaigns that I think often refreshing and effective for my clients. The disadvantage of a creative scatterbrain is that the ideas sometimes die in beauty. Here Theo comes into play! Theo's method Strategy with balls' to me is now a permanent way to provide my concepts a clear and effective strategy! I'm a fan of the methodology but also off Theo!

Arno Meulendijks
FAIRMIND bright creatives

Strategy with balls indicates good weather why you're doing what for whom. Oh so true, but the way Theo tells, you again become aware and go right back to your goal. Theo as person someone who thinks, out of the box, says what he does and does what he says. Strategically strong and someone I like to work with.

Jeannette de Jong

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." These beautiful words of Einstein are a good summary off how I have experienced "strategy with balls". With his method "strategy with balls" Theo Thomas makes sure that you are back doing what it is really all about: Why do you do what you do and what the other has? By going back to the core you come further. Strategy is not complex, it's just how you handle it.

Barbara Dik

The method Strategy with balls' helps you step by step to get clear how you will be successful at work that suits you. In conjunction with the workshop that Theo Thomas gives, is a perfect start for every job seeker, but also for any company that is looking for a clear strategic direction. Recommended!

Patrick van Meel

By using a strategy session will get your business insight into the future and the direction you want to go on. During an enlightening meeting you originate your own business and you will find the appropriate way. The order of the steps to set is clear and you have a nice development path. And it's very nice to feel that you have completed a step and can go to the next step.

Suzan Wijnbergen

Theo helps with "Strategy balls" to give direction to the way you want and can achieve your goals. In addition, it offers the balls daily guidance to remember to be playful with it.

Siegfried Aikman

I had a session with Theo and enjoyed it very much. got good handles and got a clear path through the balls to let it go to my business in the right direction. Theo has done its job, now I have to explain just off this road with balls.

Guido van den Ing

Waalwijk (Theater De Leest), May 22, 2013. Meanwhile, almost two years ago, I did the workshop "Strategy with balls" Theo with a lot of fun. It is enjoyment to Theo, in an inspiring way, to see the work. He brings the message across in a light, quirky, comical but most clear way that will appeal to many. If eventually all balls hanging on the rope, you have the focus to determine your "own" course. RECOMMENDED!

Willy de Haan

My experience with both strategies, insights into your own decisions and life as Theo personal are great. It has everything together, opened my eyes so I've been able to make a radical change to choose their own future happiness.

Norman den Boer

Thomas is one of the few people who can tell a short 3 hours while remaining continual interesting! As an entrepreneur, it was for me partly in the confirmative, but also partly again an eye-opener to continue to focus on why you actually want something, what you want and who you want. From now on I will stay in the business myself and will others always ask the question 'why?'

Iwan Gijsbers
Roba groep

Theo Thomas is anyway an inspirer of the highest order. And his ideas "doing something for someone that benefits the other", through its "Strategy with balls" appeals to me a little and I used to develop my own work strategies. "Strategy with balls" is clear, logical and very helpful. The out-of-the-box thinking 'Theo, his humor and his very clear view of things are not only inspiring also sorely needed in this world.

Nikky Kivits

For us at W2 Insight "Strategy with Balls' has become an integral part of our programs. Namely only when managers and teams have the same "Destination", they can actually develop along a chosen Directions. Strategic cooperate so! It is nice to see what the demand; "What can you do for your other colleagues where that colleague benefits from?" positive energy and cooperation brings a team.

Kleis Adema

I had quite a bit of strategy knowledge in-house, but the method Strategy with balls' in conjunction with the effectiveness of the duo Theo and Suzan show real added value! In the first workshop, I was allowed to know how it works and have it applied to myself. That's something different for customers. And more difficult! Yet really brought me further. Because once again, give a very short answer to "What can you well?" and another distinctive and real. That is the power of this method: get to the real core. This goes beyond the WHY from Simon Sinek. This is a complete and a great base to work further from. A wonderful way to make your brand: whether it is a business, product or person.

Ilse Verbeek
IV Marketing

The real answers come if you keep asking. Questions, questions, questions. That's what Theo does. He is not satisfied with just any answer, each time asking questions again. In the long run you can not hide more and get "real answers" naturally. Very special, very valuable, very good to take a step forward. The next steps make yourself easier.

Fons Huijgens
Hucofin Corporate Finance

As a consultant of Flow Network Waalwijk I saw the lecture twice of "Strategy with balls. Theo inspires you to think about the future and to make a plan on how to create it. The aim is to identify, make a path and systematically and consistently work towards your goal. For many job seekers, this is the way to slowly take control and to become less dependent of an opportunity, which more or less by accident occurs. Which own control gives confidence and strength. With 'strategy with balls "you know when you are on your way, how the trip goes and what you need for that.

Martin Didden
Flow Netwerk Waalwijk

We are always busy at work, but thanks Theo and his strategy of balls we now look forward. We now know exactly what we want, for whom and what purpose we now have to do now, soon and later to achieve our goal. That makes the work even more enjoyable!

Brigitte en Nancy de Man
B-more design

The exam students of the Business Studies program Green (Helicon MBO Tilburg) have participated in the training "Strategy Balls" Theo Thomas. During the training Theo leave students thinking about their future. Each student has determined its own strategy. The students enthusiasm was great; a confrontational training that really can do something! It is beautiful to see how Theo Thomas with visual and confrontational language gets into action with the students. He put them to think and make them aware of their future strategy. And that future starts NOW. The ball is in the hands of the student.

Green Business School
Helicon MB Tilburg

Creating a strategy by Theo no longer the exclusive for companies but also for job seekers. A fantastic experience for anyone who wants to work to strategically shape his or her career.

Henk Hoogardie

First I attended the workshop "Strategy with balls". This workshop makes you think. "Where I want to go with my business?" Eventually, i went for a 'Strategy One' session with Theo. I should have done that earlier. His strategies are clear, informative and effective.

Jan van Tuijl
Payroll Profit

I had a very instructive "Strategy One 'session with Theo. After I had given him a hand at the end of the session, his work paid off. In the elevator I was talking to a business owner who might be meaningful for my future business. Because I knew better what I was looking for after the session, I was asking different questions to the man. I find it very nice that he focuses on doing something for someone else in his strategies. In addition, the A0 poster provides a nice overview of the steps to be taken. Moreover, he asked very good questions so I come better to the core of my 'why'. His tips on effective digital works have also been very valuable to me. Overall a session that I would definitely recommend.

Anne Hospers

Until recently I associated strategy with complicated, lengthy reports and dull. In "strategy with balls' strategy is " down to earth " witch made it fun, informative and above all useful for you. An absolute must for anyone who wants to advance in his right direction.

Tomas de Rooij
HR Business Driven

After the presentation of Theo in a recent training entrepreneurs I talked to a fellow starting entrepreneur and I found I could reproduce his story with enthusiasm. Theo's story was clear, told catchy, with impact, enthusiasm and a sense of humor: so the message certainly is within! In addition, the method is simple and ready to apply. Highly recommended, those balls ... :-)!

Marjolein Diks
Diks Communiceert

Strategy with balls is a very valuable and effective start (or addition) to a career or mobility project. A must for anyone who want to (or should) change his course and is looking for a clear strategy.

Marie-Louise van Meerendonk

In December 2013 I attended a workshop on strategy with balls and the phrase "YOU LIKE TO DO SOMETHING FOR SOMEONE BECAUSE IT IS MEANINGFUL FOR THAT SOMEONE" has always stuck with me! I attended the workshop again in December 2014 and of course the phrase came back, but this time there still linger more, the story of the boat. We got a sheet with the explanation of the balls: "what", "who", "why", "someday", "later", "soon" and "now", what makes the workshop lively and gives you more clarity, it is a handhold, you better set your goals when you have everything in sight and mapped out!

Esmiralda Donders

For me, Theo is characterized by the following words: reliable, creative, customer-focused and a team player.

Kanish Thavapalasingam
Kanish Media