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Strategy with Balls

Simone van Hagen - BRANDGARDEN®

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About Simone

Dear guest, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Simone van Hagen. Born and raised in The Hague, living in Brabant for over 30 years now. 10 years ago I left my job and started my own company BRANDGARDEN®. Office for strategic, creative, visual communications. With 25 years of experience in creative communication I am a pro in the fine art ‘from story to concept’. With a combination of analytic thinking and creativity I am able to give your brand the attention it needs. So your brand visual identity will last for years. So that your business can grow.


Suppose you would show a photo of a person to someone. And suppose you would ask this someone what they think about this person. Could you connect with this person. Could you trust this person. You would probably don’t get an answer. Because we don’t know this person. We don’t know his story, or his values. I would however work fine if we were to know his story first. Tell his story and it could be very likely that we would be inspired. The picture would than represents the visual presentation of the story. It’s all about the story.

The same applies for corporate companies. It’s about the story. What is the company’s business. Who are their customers and why do they do what they do? What’s their story? The company’s photo is represented in the company’s logo. First concept, than design.

BRANDGARDEN® is there for corporate businesses who have such a story. For companies who share the value of presenting themselves in a good way. Who are proud of what they do for their customers. For companies who care for good stories. Such a company always looks good on a photo.

Stories are being told in our BRANDGARDEN®. Stories are being treasured, enriched and shaped. Your company’s story will be washed, nicely dressed and positioned in an exciting way. So that we can take a great photo. THE LOGO. The logo as the visual representation of the story.

Simone van Hagen BRANDGARDEN®
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