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About Coba

Presenting yourself and your enterprise to the world is part of my profession. So let's start with presenting myself to you. My name is Coba de Wit and I am the driving force between Gå. I am an entrepreneur, dreamer, celebrator of life, speaker, guide and proud mother in a colorfully composed family of 6 kids. All of them boys whom I together with my love, offer a loving, challenging and inspiring warm home. With this much energy surrounding me, the managing of this family is a challenging enterprise on it's own.

When I was 20 years old, I started my enterprise during my studies and my enterprise has lived through the same phases of life as I did myself. As a person and seasoned entrepreneur I am very familiar with the power falling down and standing up again. With a lot of passion, discipline and insights I have found my own road to my destination. To cut it short, my enterprise and myself are connected. I am my enterprise and my enterprise is me. With these significantly lived through experiences as a guide I would love to help you as wel as your enterprise en route to your destination. Insights in yourself, a clear view on your enterprise and plotting a course for your destination. Being in nature on paths that have not been thread on before, the answers often ly directly in front of where you put your feet.

Woud you like to experience your insights in an efficient, effective and above all sustainable way?

I would love to meet you!

About Gå|

The first question I always ask is: do you have an company or do you have an enterprise? Those two words look awfully similar but they bring a different feeling for each of them. Personally I find that the word 'company' sounds very passive. Like a burden weighing heavy on your back and shoulders. And most often it feels that way. In contrary an enterprise is something that continuously develops, through time and weather, season through season. Just like yourself, 'entrepreneur', you will develop also time after time. Sometimes because you will tug at the helm yourself and sometimes cause life simply demands you to change course. And your enterprise continuous to develop and grows with you. At least that's how it is meant.

If you are starting with an enterprise now it is very important to tune your life, your personality and your enterprise in synergy as best as is possible. When you travelled already a lot of miles as an entrepreneur, it is import that you and your enterprise are still traveling on the same course. "Your" course. The course to your destination.

I will help you and your enterprise to form a team again, bring you closer together and travel again as a single unit. Traveling on a course to the goals that enrich and enchant you and that will make your enterprise flourish. The entrepreneur and her or his enterprise are connect and inseparable. And living and doing business for your enterprise is so much easier when it's done in full passion.

When you look at the rees around you, you can witness that per season they will let go of what they don't need anymore, to focus themselves on that what is truly important; Personal growth in the times to come. Gladly I will help you and your enterprise to reset course to your destination.

1. Insight in yourself
What do you really need as myself? What would I like to accomplish? Where do I have the drive to be significant in for the world or others?
What do I want as an entrepreneur with my enterprise? Where do we want to go to?

2. View on your enterprise
How's my enterprise doing? Is my enterprise still traveling on course?
How do I steer my enterprise? How do I let my enterprise reflect my personal values?

3. Plot the course to your destiny
I will help you so that you personally and as an entrepreneur can plot and travel the course to your destiny. In order to make it fun and worthwhile again in your enterprise to sail to your chosen destination.

Coba de Wit Gå|
More information about Gå| you can find on the website.
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