Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

Suzan Wijnbergen - Groeikompas

Qualified Partner

About Suzan

Suzan is an entrepreneur in heart and soul and for years she guids SME entrepreneurs and independent Professionals to effective and goal-oriented work. She is always inquisitive and solution-oriented. She likes to be a mirror for other entrepreneurs. Because of her 'distance' to the situation, she has a clear look on the case and overview because of her helicopterview.

About Groeikompas

Groeikompas uses Strategy with balls for independent Professionals and entrepreneurs within SMEs, who want to grow or want to put a next step with their organization. We focus on the question: "What do you do for the other person, which is of help to them?" Through the Strategy with balls method decide your strategy and planning. Groeikompas goes one step further, by also stand in the practical implementation of this strategy.

We advise and guide entrepreneurs, and the people who work within the organisation, on their way to growth. We do this with organisational- and staff advice and an extensive range of training courses. In addition, we provide practical services, such as telemarketing and office management.

Strategy with balls is a perfect complement to the products and services we use. Compact, clear and focused. Thats how we work the best.

Groeikompas represents: Effective business.

Suzan Wijbergen Groeikompas
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