Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

Herman Derks - Herder Helpt

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About Herman Derks

Herman is a debt coach, who offers support to companies and organizations which are confronted with their employees having (serious) financial problems, resulting in their wages being garnished increasingly. Herman employs a personal approach where he meets the employee (+partner) in their own trusted surrounding, where he doesn’t only discuss their Payment arrears (their debt), but goes beyond to build a structural solution together. Working together with an administrator/register accountant is part of an intensive process. This process consists of introductory meeting, followed by mapping the expenditures and earnings, meeting the creditors to come to an agreement and personal coaching of the employee (+partner) to prevent a recurrence of the present condition.

About Herder Helpt

Financial fitness is important to our health and general wellbeing. So we have developed a practical workshop, based on ‘Strategy with Balls’ to give you the tools to create a better fitter financial future for yourself. The workshop includes subjects like: balance between earnings and expenses, becoming conscious of your cash flow, the value of money and ‘What is money actually meant for?’ In this workshop you will learn how to get a clear view of your income and expenses and especially how your discern what to spend on. After this workshop you will approach your disposable income differently, giving consideration to what to spend on and what to cut back on. The workshop ‘Strategic budgeting’ brings your goals and dreams within reach.

Herman Derks Herder Helpt
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