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Kleis Adema - Kijk op Strategie

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About Kleis

Kleis is an entrepreneur in heart and soul from Limburg. For 20 years, it has been his passion to help entrepreneurs get the best out of themselves and their business. The unusual combination of his studies in theology and business administration also characterizes him as a person: he travelled a long and bumpy road back to his own authentic self and thus uniquely combines a commercial and a humane working method. Kleis is an entrepreneur, an inspirator and a narrator. A man with a story. Because of his broad experience, he knows how to challenge entrepreneurs find new insights every time, generates a lot of energy and therefore also results.

About Kijk op Strategie

With his company Kijk op Strategie, Kleis inspires small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who miss a destination with their company or who can not find the route to their destination. As a result, energy no longer flows and as an entrepreneur you feel that you are not taking the next step with your company, or that your growthpotential is not being realized. Sometimes you feel that there is just more, but how do you get there? By making a strategy, as an entrepreneur you get back in control, because you can better choose from all the alternatives that pass you by. This creates focus and generates a lot of energy!

Kijk op Strategie inspires entrepreneurs to develop their leadership. By developing yourself on authentic leadership, you can grow with your company and create a vision on how you can optimally deploy your employees in your organization. Because a company with a clear strategy, a clear leader and vital employees stands for a company with growth and results. And that’s what Kijk op Strategie stands for in Limburg and the Euregion: maximize your results!

Kleis Adema Kijk op Strategie
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