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Anita Stegewee - Leads & Meets

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About Anita

With my work experience, life experience and empathy, I look confidently at the future but live the day. Above my bed the saying goes: remember yesterday, dream about tomorrow, live today.I am very comfortable on my own in the knowledge that I am not alone. And I like to fill me-time with books and magazines, sports, cooking and being creative. But even better, I surround myself with my family, friends and business contacts and enjoy our conversations or spar with them about new ideas or ambitions because this cross-fertilization often provides new insights. In short: I do not like to 'sit’.

About Leads & Meets

With inbound marketing, social selling and personal branding, I like to help companies that want to be found by their customers, so that they get the hang of it. The field of marketing and sales in which I have been active as an entrepreneur since 2003 has changed. The internet with its unprecedented possibilities plays an important role in this. Customers take the initiative themselves in the purchase of products and services. They orient themselves extensively online before they contact companies. The trick is to respond to this with valuable content.

Getting leads from inbound marketing requires collaboration and coordination between disciplines such as marketing, sales and customer service. In this synergy I like to play the role of spin in the web and as a professional I control activities, I arrange appointments, set up a division of roles and I manage the content calendar.

Anita Stegewee Leads & Meets
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