Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

Dominique Bellens - Quarens

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About Dominique

As a single mother with 2 sons, I have struggled over the past 20 years to "keep things in order". I have managed to do that miraculously, but now it is time for another path. 2017 was a year of change. I switched from the banking world to what really interests me: people. I take a course as a Pilates instructor in the Netherlands. I give Pilate lessons in my home town of Herentals. Pilates teaches me that consciously learning people to deal with their body has a positive influence. After all, mind and body work together. However, many people lack a healthy mindset and are stuck. I therefore started a training course to become an Executive Coach and in 2018 I will start a course NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). My goal is to help people set their goals and positively follow the route to their dream destination. For me, getting acquainted with Theo and Strategy with Balls are steps on my personal route, which I consciously make with a lot of enthusiasm. Our missions are strongly related:"doing something for another person that is of use to another person". In the future I want to make people realise that they can take steps themselves to achieve their goals. A good strategy is step 1.

I am also active in local politics in my municipality and I am a board member of Vzw Afractie that supports a shelter for street children in Dakar, Senegal.

About Quarens

My experience lies in a 26-year career in the banking world. It was time to explore new horizons. I made the switch from focusing on the financial side of a company to the strategy within the company and the strategy of the entrepreneur as a person. A company without strategy is like a ship without navigation. Where will you end up if you do not know your course? So step number 1 for every company, big and small, is to set the course, so that the right choices can be made as the route progresses. Experience teaches me that every company not only needs a strategy with balls, but also an entrepreneur with the right mindset. In other words: with a strategy, preferably one “with balls”. Strategy with balls for entrepreneurs and Strategic Coaching are the tools I use to put small entrepreneurs, starters, freelancers.... with great ideas on the path to their destination. The methodology behind Strategy with Balls is the sublime tool to make my target audience happy. I "do something for someone else to help them”. Mission accomplished.

Dominique Bellens Quarens
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