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Beatrijs Verheijen - The Serendipity College

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About Beatrijs

After a successful career as Private Banker and Portfolio Manager at one of the most exclusive banks in Belgium and the Netherlands, Beatrijs decided she wanted to use her talents in a more meaningful way. She then chose the path of Leadership coaching, where she could use her skills of coaching and advising people to the fullest.

Today she is a trusted counsellor and coach of many, which she guides through the difficulties of their personal and spiritual development. Authenticity, intuition and living from the heart are her core values, but they are also her way to live a happy and rewarding life. From her extensive experience as a manager, and her desire to stimulate people to be the best they can be, she is especially inspired by helping people develop their intuitive skills in a heartfelt and nurturing way. She is a great example of the possibilities that brings, having attended countless courses at the Arthur Findlay College to master her intuitive and mediumistic abilities.

About The Serendipity College

Through the Serendipity College, I guide managers and directors in their development of authentic leadership. Foremost, we focus on finding the balance between thinking and feeling, your head and your heart, that suits you and your circumstances best. I can teach you, how to grow beyond just the rational mind, and allow your intuition to help you make decisions.

Using your intuition as a bridge between your inner self, and the world around you, allows you to tap into all your natural skills and talents. These skills go beyond the limits of our habitual thinking processes and open up a world of possibilities.

During our time together, we can develop these intuitive skills according to your personal needs, wishes and schedule. We will go through a process of transformation, where you will gain a deeper understanding that will not only help you in your business, but are also a foundation for a happy and fulfilling personal life.

Beatrijs Verheijen The Serendipity College
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