Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

Peter Nouwen - VOC

Qualified Partner

About Peter

I am personal coach and business consultant. I work on the edge of coaching the entrepreneur and advising the company. Firstly I get aboard on your boat to get to know you much better. As a captain of your ship you will be able to stand strong and with selfconfidence when you are holding the steering wheel. Then I will climb the crow’s nest to see where your destination will be and I can see if you have got everything you need to get there where you want to be. Achieving your goals with the right assets. Happiness and success will go hand in hand.

In addition to this personal guidance I also am known as Partner Coach. A lot of partners have taken a scan of their corporation and talents.

Everything I do is with trust and friendship.

About VOC

V.O.C. brings confidence into the future.

I guide entrepreneurs into a better future. I lead them from their inner compass towards their future where happiness and success meet each other.

I believe in a better world in where people use all their talents and positive drives to create a new future with confidence and friendship.

Peter Nouwen VOC
More information about VOC you can find on the website.
T +31(0)6 443 19 848
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