Strategy with Balls
Strategy with Balls

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Sometimes you sometimes hear something you think: Had I only heard before. Stories that inspire, excite texts, food for thought. Anecdotes to laugh, examples that surprise you.

The Talk "Strategy with Balls" is entertaining, stimulating and inspiring. You will get an insight into the method, what strategy is exactly and what you have going on. The Talk is about destinations, routes and travel. 'Have lost' over, set the direc- tion and alternate paths. A story about ‘Doing something... for someone.. that ben- efits the other.’ A Talk mainly about making choices. Because strategy is a way to choose from alternatives. For entrepreneurs who think about the course of their business, job seekers looking for a new destination and all the people will want to experience pleasure reading somewhere. The duration of the Talk ranges from 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the program and available time.

Theo Thomas
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This Talk is ideal for business clubs, networking, business and shopkeepers' as- sociations, study groups and corporate events. Also very inspiring for job fairs and programs in schools.

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